Liminal Coaching 101

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The Initial Session

“Liminal Thinking is the art of creating change by understanding, shaping, and reframing beliefs”

(Dave Gray ).

Liminal Coaching is a practical, dynamic tool to help with that process.

I work with you on what you decide you want to work on. If you don’t know what you want to work on, but just know there is something, we will encourage that to emerge together. Solutions that are discovered are organic and emergent from the resources that you, the client, have.

This is a new approach to performance coaching, based on the same research sources as the Liminal Thinking principles and practices, established by Dave Gray. The theoretical roots of this discipline are outlined here.

This short article describes the process we use and the content of the Initial Session. For a description of the Development Sessions see here.

We use a simplified model of how the brain works which is nevertheless based on recent brain science and has proved itself fit for purpose in practice. For a description of the model of the brain we use see here. We work as practitioners to achieve real results with no claim to definitive scientific knowledge if such a thing could ever exist in any graspable form on the subject of the brain and the mind.

So what do we do and how do you benefit?

The Initial Session

This follows on from an informal introductory discussion where we establish broadly what you want to achieve and describe how we will apply the Liminal Coaching process to help you do that.

Information Gathering

Everything you want to achieve, the goals you have, exist in context.

In the Initial Session we map out the context we will be using in our sessions together. This involves gathering some information from you (all optional of course) covering basic stuff like position in family, your age, if you have children. I also ask you if you have ever suffered from a range of complaints such as panic attacks, sleeplessness etc. I ask this because the answers give us a picture of how much stress and / or tension you may be carrying. This is not something which one is necessarily aware of and our stress ‘reservoir’ can slowly rise in level sometimes over a long period of time.

We know that when the level of the stress reservoir is high we are much less likely to be able to function at our best. One of the intended outcomes of Liminal Coaching is to reduce the level of the stress reservoir.

The Model of the Brain & Mind

In this part of the Initial Session we describe the model of the brain and mind that we use in the coaching sessions. This will be directly related to the goals you have or issues you wish to address and is completely interactive with questions and discussion welcomed. It is important that we establish the map we are going to use to navigate the process we are undertaking. The use of the model is the first foundation metaphor and signals the unconscious that we are opening channels of communication. For a brief overview of the model of the brain we use see here.

This discussion includes examples of the model in action and is related back to your own specific aims.

Depending on how long this takes (and it can vary) we may also include the first two or three steps of the first Development Session.

At the end of this session you will have a clear idea of what we are working on, how we are working on it and the way ahead.

I will give you a link to download a relaxation recording for you play each night preferably when you are going to sleep. Having already knocked on the metaphorical door of the unconscious most clients report benefits from the first week of using this recording.