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“A session with [Mike] is like a massage for the mind.You’re on your own in the center of the cyclone: on one side the forest of decisions, on the other the mountains of demands.

It’s easy for the people in your company to come to rely on your decision-making and to come to expect you to make the decisions that really belong to others. And for your decision making to exceed the bounds of your coordinating and vision-making role.

Then there are the mountains of demands.

From the investors:

How long till profit?
Should you do it all differently?
Finished one funding round? Time to start the next!

And all the others:

Should you hire for a given function?
Who needs to be involved so they don’t feel left out?
How do you handle the delicate ego of your latest senior team member?
Where is the right place to create value and drive productivity?

It feels like you’re always doing more, always there for longer hours, and expected to coordinate everything.

You shouldn’t have to deal with everything. And people don’t mean to overload you, but you’re good at making decisions and after all you are the center of the whole thing.

And in the middle of all of this you are also expected to hold the vision and steer the ship.

All of this can lead to stress and anxiety but of all the people in the business you are the one who is expected to exude calm confidence – all the time, on all occasions and have all the answers.

Of course that’s ridiculous. No one can do that. But the fact that it’s ridiculous does not stop it from being a kind of theatrical expectation.

In these circumstances it is easy for a sense of isolation to grow and anxiety to increase. With an increase in anxiety can come a lack of clarity regarding priorities and next steps. This isn’t an assumption. We know that anxiety and stress cause an increase in cortisol levels in preparation for fight or flight and the functioning of the higher brain is reduced.

We help our founders to fly above it all and see the whole picture. The forests and mountains reveal themselves to be a beautiful landscape.

Greg Judelman, The Moment: 

“Mike has been working with the whole team at our innovation consultancy. Our work requires us to maintain a high level of empathy, deep listening, and quick thinking in order to effectively support our clients to navigate complex challenges. Our weekly sessions with Mike have empowered us to maintain and develop this state of mind on a more consistent basis throughout the week. We are more resilient to stress and more able to tap into a creative and collaborative mindset. 

“I love that Mike’s approach combines modern science with ancient wisdom on how the mind works. I would recommend his services to anyone wanting to feel more calm, confident and resilient in their day-to-day adventures”



Building a Lean and Agile Organization

In a contemporary environment of massive, high-speed and constant change the two qualities of any organisation for survival and success which have been repeatedly identified are leanness and agility.

In order to implement these two qualities in any organisation it is essential that all the people in the organisation be capable of meaningful and positive interactions both within and especially at the boundaries of the organisation. And yet, our workplaces are more often than not the source of stress and anxiety.

And this is where the problems begin.

Neuroscience has clearly demonstrated that people who feel constantly threatened and stressed, and deprived of any real sense of agency, will operate mostly from their primitive brain. And the primitive brain has three ways of dealing with the world: anxiety, anger and depression. Centred on the amygdala, it has one job: identify threats. It is built to be negative, obsessive and vigilant.

Unlike what many preach, this is not something that is solved by empowerment. This is about building the capacity within your team members to respond appropriately to external stimuli. And enabling a positive sense of personal and individual value together together with the tools and ability to operate effectively with those around them.

The founders we work with are driven to create an organization that redefines work and collaboration in their field. They don’t want to spend all their time managing personalities and inter-company politics, hurt feelings and lost productivity.

And that’s where we come in. Consciousness is the next frontier – the business advantage that will define the future market leaders. By which we mean: unparalleled Clarity, Calmness and Insight across your people and your teams.

About Liminal Coaching Sessions

Mike listens ferociously well, and follows one's train of thoughts while at the same time synthesising and helping a coachee cut to the heart of the matterOur sessions reduce stress, focus all aspects of your higher brain and build the tools for creating more effective teams and collaboration across your teams and organisation.

In the first half of every session:

The focus is on what’s been good about your week: what you have enjoyed, what has given you moments of pure unadulterated pleasure.

We do this for a very important reason. When you focus on remembering things which had been genuinely pleasurable the blood supply to the amygdala, the core of the primitive brain, is reduced. This in turn reduces levels of cortisol and enables the higher brain to function more efficiently.

We also give you a tool that you can use to assist in charting a course through the Forest of decisions and the Mountains of demands. You can use it at any time but it is particularly powerful when put in the context of a coaching session which has the objective of enabling you to relax and allowing your own innate sense of what is right and appropriate as the next step to emerge.

In the second half of every session:

We lead you on a guided visualization exercise where you sink down into a deeper state and we can work with your deeper resources and powerful subconscious to find and reinforce the calmness and clarity that become your path out of the forest and the mountains in the direction of the company you are here to build.

We never tell you what to do, but open the door to where you know.

Liminal Coaching goes around the nit picking of the pre-frontal cortex and calms the primitive brain in order to address limitations, fears, doubt and anxiety where they live. All using proven techniques in a unique combination based on indications from the latest scientific research.

All our coaches have had full professional careers that have involved extensive mentoring and coaching and a lifelong interest in the brain, the mind and human development

Each session is a conversation and a one on one video conference at a time and place that is convenient for you.

Bio of Xplane founder, Dave GrayDave Gray of Xplane on Liminal Coaching for Founders:

“Mike has a great approach which involves relaxation techniques, visualization, imagination, and metaphor. A session with him is like a massage for the mind.

So far the results are quite astonishing. I find all the little things I usually procrastinate on are getting done. My office is clean, bright and organized. My mind is clear and fresh for work, I’m more proactive and much more productive with my time. And I feel great.

If you’re looking for a coach to increase your effectiveness, I recommend you take a look at Mike Parker. I’ve been working with him and it has helped me tremendously”.




About Mike Parker

Mike Parker has over 30 years of experience in global systems and over 10 years helping clients to innovate, overcome challenges and improve performance across a wide range of business domains.

He is as comfortable at the director level in a global consulting company as he is sitting in the chair across from you and helping you overcome your blocks and anxieties.

Mike’s interests are deep and broad, ranging across psychology, anthropology, philosophy, math, business, music and economic systems. All of this is supplemented by culture studies and a life devoted to Systems Thinking. Mike has an MBA in innovation, finance and strategy and has supplemented this with further post-graduate studies in Systems Thinking and Governance. He is a qualified Solutions Focused Therapist and a Research Fellow at the Schumacher Institute.



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