So there you are driving to work, the car running along very nicely through your suburb and up the ramp onto the freeway. As you speed up, the juddering starts and your coffee starts getting waves on it that threaten to slop over the edge. You slow down and it stops. Speed up and it starts again.

Well, if it’s happened to you before you’ve probably already guessed that one of the wheels is out of alignment. One of the little weights fixed to the rim has fallen off (or maybe been stolen by the kid you shouted at for riding their bike over your lawn). Anyway, it’s gone.

You know that you have to take it into a service centre to get it fixed.

If not, then you are will be at risk of:

  • Poorer fuel economy
  • Uneven and premature wear to tires
  • Vibration feeding through to your vehicle’s steering, making it more difficult to keep control
  • Excessive forces on the wheel bearings and the suspension system

And, of course, there’s your coffee.

No question about it. You will make time and pay a fair fee to get your car back in shape.

Now think of your own mental and emotional condition as being like your car, only more complex, more valuable, and more essential to your existence.

The incessant insistence on higher and higher performance from all around you, not to mention the super high goals and standards you set for yourself, can create increased wear and tear. And just like your car, the faster you want to go, the better balanced you need to be.

Now I don’t know about you, but I have known a few petrol-heads in my time and I’ve yet to meet one who did their own wheel balancing. Not because it’s impossible to do so, but because it is a time consuming process of trial and error unless you have the fancy equipment they have in the service centre.

Your mental well-being is no different. It is difficult and time consuming to “do this yourself.” And that’s why 50 minutes a week of deep guided relaxation and attention to your overall well-being with a professional coach will pay you back at least 2 hours of increased productivity.

And the faster you want to go the finer the tuning needs to be, and the greater the benefits of investing in your well-being.

So think about making time for regular service for your mental well-being and performance before you hit the gas in a client meeting and find yourself juddering as you try to get up to speed.