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The sweet core value in Liminal Coaching on 2 pages

Welcome to Liminal Coaching. There are 2 main levels to Liminal Coaching, the first clears unprocessed subconscious material and the second focuses on developing specific strengths and skills.

Liminal Coaching Level 1

Your subconscious has a major effect on what you notice, what you think about, and what you do.

You may rationally and consciously decide you are going to do something but if your subconscious is not aligned you will be fighting yourself to do it.

Liminal coaching works directly with the subconscious through a focused daydream state which is the same as REM sleep.

This short video explains how Liminal Coaching works to help you achieve what you want to with calm, clarity, insight and deep engagement.

Our program is built around one-on-one sessions delivered in 4 or 8 session blocks. In a few cases where a lot of subconscious material needs processing, more may be required. This requires a weekly commitment for the period.

Level 1 Liminal Coaching forms the basis for more advanced work in Level 2. If you buy an 8 block package and complete Level 1 with sessions to spare we move straight into Level 2.

Liminal Coaching Level 2

Level 2 Liminal coaching develops and strengthens particular and specific skills, and capacities depending on what you prioritize and wish to focus on. We give you new tools to practice applying in the real world between sessions.

As the practice evolves, the assortment of tools and developed applications continues to grow, informed by research, joint discovery and successful engagements in keeping with the principles of continual improvement.

The ability to work directly with a practitioner to target the subconscious reaches to roots which are largely inaccessible to techniques focusing on conscious thought or mindfulness. The Liminal Coaching program enables us to affect deep patterns engraved as habits such as involuntary reactions to triggers. It also enables new and different patterns to be seeded in a way that makes it much easier to embed desired new habits and reactions.

We have successfully used these techniques to deal with:

  • Serious long-term phobias

  • Obstructive behaviour patterns arising from chronic abuse and adversity

  • Over-empathy leading to emotional overwhelm

  • Cognitive fuzziness due to stress and work-load

  • Difficulty entering creative flow-states

  • Boosting capabilities to solve complex problems

Level 2 is is entirely non-prescriptive. We work with you to achieve the goals and outcomes that will be most helpful for you. Finding and refining these goals is very much a part of the process.

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