Liminal Coaching Video Series


Finn Jackson – Perspectives On Organizational Change

By Mike Parker | September 17, 2018

And we live in such an interconnected world that we are no longer affected only by events within a five mile radius of where we live – we can now be affected by events on the other side of the world

Mieke Byerley – Perspectives On Organizational Change

By Mike Parker | June 30, 2018

You will start to ask, are we really practising True democracy? It’s when you re-evaluate the concepts that are still in our current organizational practices and start to question them that you find that actually, “we say we do this, but is that what we are really doing”?

The Core of Reframing

By String Marketing | May 16, 2018

Wandering through some not very modern but exceptionally clear and thought-provoking thinking from Steve De Shazzer in his book “Keys to Solution in Brief Therapy” I stumbled across what I think may be the origin of the idea of reframing or, if not, then a fascinating experiment on how it works. This experiment was performed…

Liminal Coaching Lab

By String Marketing | May 1, 2018

Enabling tuned consciousness in people and organizations Goal 3. Viral spread of increased insight and consciousness. Goal 2. Implement co-coaching with wide availability. Goal 1. Extend existing Liminal Coaching successes into groups and teams How we track progress Research is put into practice every day with clients. Work with clients is always research as well. Joint research into…

Martin Köppelmann – Perspectives On Organizational Change

By Mike Parker | March 31, 2018

I think we’ll move towards people in networks, instead of companies. People will be part of many networks in parallel.

Martin Köppelmann, CEO of Prediction Market platform Gnosis, was kind enough to find time from his busy schedule to talk to me about how blockchain technology may disrupt current organizational structures and how Prediction Markets might be able to help organizations transition to new ways of not just working, but existing.

Enabling Change in Fear-Based Organizations

By Mike Parker | March 25, 2018

Now envision an organization where this is not the case; a place where there is positive, helpful engagement in achieving a business outcome. Where you don’t have to throw away many man-years of work and research because the people who need to act are too frightened to do so.