A new kind of guided relaxation for stress—that works even while you sleep!

Now you can release stress, reduce tension, and ‘clean up your mind’ so it can get back to helping you—all while you doze or dream from the comfort of your bed or a favorite chair.

This high-quality, fully downloadable MP3, complete with soothing music and relaxing script, provides all the stress-relief benefits of meditation…

Without the need to actively focus on staying in a meditative state!

Drift To Peace

Open the door to your unconscious mind and easily reduce stress and tension… In a way that guided meditation simply can’t

You’ve always had the mental tools to banish stress and calm your jittery nerves.

Unfortunately, these tools often lay under years of accumulated stress, negative conditioning, and toxic mental “junk.”

“Drift to Peace” from Liminal Coaching puts your mind back in touch with its power, helping you easily release stress, reduce tension, and ‘clean up your mind’ so it can function at its best.

Meditation can do this too, but it typically requires constant attention. After all, if you find yourself wandering off in thought, you’re not meditating.

The “Drift to Peace” guided relaxation recording has been specially designed to concentrate the power of your daydream state, when your brain does its most effective work—and it doesn’t matter if you fall asleep while you listen to it!

Experience the power of a new kind of guided relaxation, with this high-quality, fully downloadable MP3 recording from Liminal Coaching.

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Drift To Peace