The best of Liminal Coaching in an affordable, flexible kit Bring the power of one-to-one Liminal Coaching to your phone or tablet


I’m Mike Parker, the founder of Liminal Coaching.

And yes, of course I wish I could work with everyone in the world.

But I understand you may not have the time or the inclination to pursue one-to-one Liminal Coaching.

So I’ve created this package of four guided relaxation recordings to help.

You may already be familiar with “Drift to Peace...” This Liminal Essentials package builds on that cornerstone recording to help you not only deal with stress—

But also process trauma, eliminate negative beliefs, and get in touch with your intuition.

And you can get all four recordings for just $49.

Included in every kit is a helpful instruction manual to teach you more about the recordings and how to use them.

Recordings are available as high-quality, fully downloadable MP3 files to use however, whenever, and wherever you want.

So settle down into a favorite chair, or draw the shades and “have a little lie down”—

And enjoy the benefits of Liminal Coaching at your own pace, any time you’d like.

Kit Download Includes:

  • Liminal Essentials Guide
  • Recordings:
    • Drift to Peace
    • The Hall of Resolving
    • The Empty Cup
    • The Navigator
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