The best of Liminal Coaching in an affordable, flexible kit Bring the power of one-to-one Liminal Coaching to your phone or tablet


Our cornerstone “Drift to Peace” recording helps you let go of stress, tension, and worry, allowing peaceful, calm energy to fill your mind and body.

The Liminal Essentials kit complements that cornerstone recording to help you: 

  • Deal with stress even more effectively
  • Process past trauma
  • Eliminate negative beliefs, and 
  • Get in closer touch with your intuition.

About the recordings in the Liminal Essentials Kit


Drift to Peace

enables you to release stress, reduce tension, and ‘clean up your mind’ so it can get back to helping you.


The Hall of Resolving

helps your brain process triggered emotion and “patterns” in the way they should have been handled in the first place. This adds more peace and tranquility to your life.


The Empty Cup

encourages your subconscious to let go of limiting beliefs and assumptions to create a blank sheet in which new possibilities can happen.


The Navigator

helps you connect with your inherent intuition. It uses and strengthens all the parts of you—body, mind, and consciousness—to allow your personal, inherent deep direction to emerge.

Together the four recordings in the Liminal Essentials Kit form a personal and professional “toolbox” you can use anytime, anywhere—at your own pace—to uncover the mental “garbage” that’s weighing you down and keeping you from your best.

Easy to work with, easy to use

Included in every kit is a helpful instruction manual to teach you more about the recordings and how to use them.

Recordings are available as high-quality, fully downloadable MP3 files to use however, whenever, and wherever you want.

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