Find your “More”

Reduce stress. Release tension. And thrive in uncertainty…with the Pivot Package from Liminal Coaching.

You have always had the resources and means to change who you are and what you want to become.

However, these tools often lay under years of negative conditioning and unprocessed memories — not to mention dozens of today’s “doom and gloom” headlines.

But I’ve developed a way to uncover all of that mental “garbage” and put your mind back in touch with its power.

Introducing the Pivot Package

The Pivot Package was developed based on unique research and was specially created for the turmoil and stress we’re experiencing today. 

In four sessions, you’ll be empowered to relax, get rid of stress, and focus your mind on planning and possibility. 

Which frees you up to tap into your mind’s capacity for self-healing, creativity, and natural solution-creation.

Over your choice of 2 or 4 weeks, you’ll be guided through these relaxation scenarios:


Drift to Peace

Gain calm clarity to help you think.


The Empty Cup

Let go of assumptions and past certainties that are no more, creating an empty receptive space for the new.


The Hall of Solutions

Welcome the emergence of the new, already waiting in the wings to coalesce.


The Navigator

Connecting to your whole embodied consciousness, so you can sense where you’re going—even though you may not know exactly where that is.

And when you’re done, you’ll see the way forward — and be ready to meet the constantly changing circumstances in which we all find ourselves.

These relaxations provide an experience like no other. They don’t replace meditating, breathwork, or other ways to relax; instead, they complement and enhance the techniques you’re already using.

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Hear What Others Say


Are you struggling because your fear responses and stress are overwhelming your ability to make clear-headed decisions in this uncertain time? Mike can help. I’ve worked with Mike Parker for years. Using guided relaxation techniques and specific archetypal narratives, Mike can help calm the flight or fight response, and help you access your inner wisdom—which knows exactly what to do. It has been an essential and useful tool in my leadership and personal development journey.

Mark Kuznicki

Co-founder of The Moment


Ambition, achievement, and anxiety were always braided together in my life. With Liminal Coaching from Mike, I began to be able to enjoy my achievements, integrate my ambition with my core nature, and to love into my anxiety. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of lightness and ease that is my new normal because I can barely recall the old white-knuckled, frazzled, fearful me. Liminal Coaching helped me trust myself again so that I can be my best self more of the time.

Alicia Dudek


What a better time to re-orient and assess? Mike has already helped me learn how to access the resilience reservoir inside me and it is an enduring process.