Meet the Team


Mike Parker

Founder and One-on-One Coach

Mike is the Founder of Liminal Coaching and developed the technique that gave the company its name. 

He has over 30 years of experience helping clients innovate, overcome challenges, and improve performance across a wide range of personal and professional domains.

Mike’s interests are deep and broad, ranging across psychology, anthropology, philosophy, math, business, music, economics, culture, and systems thinking. He has an MBA in innovation, finance and strategy and has supplemented this with further postgraduate studies in Systems Thinking and Governance. 

He is a qualified Solutions Focused Therapist and a Research Fellow at the Schumacher Institute, an independent think tank dedicated to solving complex social, economic and environmental crises.


Dr. Laszlo Karafiath

Associate and Executive Life Coach

Laszlo helps clients realize their unconscious potential. His clients report reaching new levels of creativity and insight, being more focused and more innovative, and living a more purposeful yet more relaxed life.

Laszlo has an in-depth understanding of the neuro-scientific approach used in Liminal Coaching. He supplements this with deep listening and empathetic understanding to help leaders achieve enhanced performance. 

He was co-founder of three successful startups and holds a PhD in memetics. He found his purpose in guiding humans and organizations to the recognition and pursuit of their purpose in life.

Corporate Head Shots: Cleo Letts - Cleo Letts photographed by Carl Hewlett at Stand Out Studio, Gloucestershire - 12.03.2019

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Cleo Letts

Executive Coach and Senior Change Leader

Cleo Letts has been in the business of transformative change for over twenty years, working both within corporations and with senior leaders from many backgrounds. 

Cleo began her early career as a research biological scientist, where she first discovered her deep interest in psychology, neurological repatterning and the biology of the brain. 

Cleo has studied naturopathic health and nutrition and is a keen practitioner of meditation and mindfulness.

Cleo holds a Master’s Degree in Biological Science and a Postgraduate Degree in Education. She also holds a certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming to Master level, as well as Focused Solutions Coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques.